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St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

I’m a seasoned software engineer and throughout my careeer I have successfully used computer science fundementals to solve various problems in different levels complexity.

These computer science fundementals include data structures and algorithms.
I studied most of them during my studies at the Israeli Institute of Technology (The Technion) and some after my graduation, either to successfuly complete engineering tasks or as a part of interview preparations.

Different individuals have different ways to access data, ideas and thoughts in their memory. …

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Dandenong ranges, Victoria, Australia

Quite a few computer science graduates ask me for ways to make their CVs stand and impress potential employers.
Grades and GPA is the obvious thing. The more prestigious your institute and the higher your GPA is the better.

This does not mean that those who did not graduate with honors cannot make their CV impressive.
Taking online courses can definitely help, but putting them into practice is way better.

A recent graduate started building a website that will help its users plan vacations. …

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Yarra Valley, Victoria , Australia


I’m a seasoned software engineer with more than fifteen years of experience.

Throughout my career I have interviewed many engineers of various nationalities and various engineering levels, capabilities and years of experience.

I was offered help in some non trivial episodes in my life by individuals who are not a part of my family, and I would like to pay it forward and help others. This is the main motivation behind my volunteering activity.

The COVID-19 pandemic worldwide crisis is causing massive layoffs and hiring freeze in many organizations.

Engineering levels

Let’s start by introducing engineering/software development levels.

Various companies have different…

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Grampians national park, Victoria, Australia

Before we begin

An initiative that started with one of our SDEs in the team, to gradually introduce Kotlin as a server-side development language was adopted by other team members.

We already had our “old habits” and our “development patterns” from other programming languages, and now we are looking into finding patterns and habits with Kotlin. By no means I am an experienced Kotlin developer, so please read the following post with a grain of salt.

Mission statement

As we are gradually moving to Kotlin, we would like to use existing tools and frameworks currently in use where possible.

For the following example, I will…

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Inverloch, Victoria, Australia

Mission statement:

RESTful web services are extremely popular today as a mean to serve requests from web and mobile applications.
The “folder like” path structure of URLs is widely used to describe a hierarchy of resources, where usually the resource name appears in a plural form , followed by a resource unique identifier for a single resource, then a sub resource (in a plural form),a unique id for the sub resource and so on..

At times , the hierarchical structure of the resources needs to change. Adding a resource which is a child of the the last resource in the hierarchical structure…

Yair Zaslavsky

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